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7 Worst Wedding Speeches (Ever)

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

Public speaking is famously the number 1 phobia in the world and it is also the number 1 reason that many, many wedding speeches are bad. People are so nervous and anxious that they can barely read off their scribbled sheet. The microphone keeps feeding back, the best man mumbles for 5 minutes and everyone is awash with relief when he eventually raises his glass, signalling a toast to the bride and groom and the end of everyone’s audio suffering.

If you are tasked to make a speech, a good rule of thumb is to aim for THREE MINUTES. 5 minutes is a maximum you should never exceed. Unless you are an Everest climbing-brain surgeon-TED talk phenomenon, you will start to ramble, and people will get bored.

There are many boring speeches out there on the internet which are, no surprise, boring to watch. But here are a few ‘bad speeches’ which are good to watch!

1. The Misfit Brother

An excellent example of a basic bad speech. He’s socially awkward; he insults the groom; he insults his sisters; he spills embarrassing family secrets; everyone cringes. Cue the Awkward Hawk – Awk! Awk!

2. Pun Master 3000

Nobody can make the audience groan like this guy.

3. Pants Fall Down

You’re about to watch a large man’s trousers fall down midway through his speech. And scene.

4. Tribute Video Gone Wrong

Roaming around an inebriated ballroom getting soundbites from wedding guests goes spectacularly wrong. Clean up at Table 17!

5. My Waffley Wedded Wife

This is a famous video of a bride and groom who cannot make it through their vows due to an extreme laughing fit.

6. Wife Gets Replaced

The groom stands up to toast his new bride and says something unbelievable. There’s another love in his life …

7. Dick Pics

With children and aged relatives present, this bride manages to say the word “dickpics” three times in under 60 seconds. Verbal diarrhea.

P.S. If you need to relieve this bout of bad speeches, check out our 11 best wedding speeches.

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