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11 Best and Funniest Wedding Speeches

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Of course, the best wedding speeches will be the ones that are tailored to the audience and bridal ensemble that are actually in the room enjoying the performance, but here is a selection which have caught the eye and the views of the YouTube congregation.  

1. The Canadian Brother

Aaron is the prime example of a purely funny human being. His deadpan style and comedic timing are at a peak in the first four minutes.

2. The Boston Buddy

Another quality example of a person who is just fundamentally funny.

3. The Ginger Brother

A more ‘professional’ act because I think he is a stand up comedian.

4. The Italian Bro

He’s got natural humour and this speech also showcases some well placed and heartfelt emotion.

5. Elderly Father at a Gay Wedding

A nice video of a charmingly funny older speaker embracing the 21st century.

6. 11 Year Old Nephew

It’s rare to find a genuinely funny child speech but this kid is excellent. He isn’t reading from a script and it is short and sweet.

7. Scottish Stepsons

If you aren’t from the UK you may need subtitles for their accent but it’s a cracking good spiel from two teenage lads.

8. Jennifer Raps Eminem

Bridesmaid showing off her party talent.

9. Late 90s Jock Rap

If you are going to do singing or rapping it should be as clear and audible as this and at this kind of tempo.

10. Frozen Remix

Spoiler alert! He changes “Let It Go” to BEST MAN JOE.

11. Long Run Video

For those wanting to add in a funny video on the big screen. Takes a lot of production and uses up tons of time at the reception.

‍You can take the above as inspiration but here’s what not to do!

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