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J & M

Location: Japan 

Decor: Jumicakes

"We had our wedding in Japan, in a city not as well known, where my father works and since we had guests from Japan as well as different parts of the world, it was important for us to incorporate Japanese traditions with western elements so that both sides of families and guests could experience something new. While I was able to sort out the Japanese side of things,

I didn't know where to start on wedding planning itself; how and what Western traditions to include and general wedding etiquette etc., Tika was able to help me get started, from what information I needed from guests, giving me a timeline to work with, and coming up with some ideas on how to make parts of our wedding personal to us! She was also always available whatever time of the day, to answer my many questions, which was very helpful! 

I'm admittedly a hands-on bride and it was hard for me to mentally check out of the planning and let others manage things on our wedding day, but we were both pleased and relieved with how Artika was able to come up with a schedule for the day's event that ended with a smooth-sailing and memorable wedding day. " 

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