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7 Wedding Stories No One Tells — Straight from the Source

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The wedding business is a tough trade and being in the thick of it for years, wedding planners have seen it all, and then some. In the spirit of sharing, here is a highlight reel gathered and curated from insider intel. 

Grab your popcorn, folks!

1. The Time Travelling Car

A very serious complaint was made about cars being five minutes late. The groom made me investigate the situation and include timestamps from all my staff members and drivers, to show a concise breakdown to pinpoint exactly who was at fault. Wait for it… it turned out that they were 10.2 minutes too early.

2. The Chikungunya Bride

During the Chikungunya scare, the bride wanted me to fume the entire, I repeat ENTIRE, southern section of Bali the day before and on the morning of the wedding. When I told her it was physically impossible to do that, she said I was risking her (unconceived) child and that I should be ashamed of myself.

3. Shrimply Simple

The bride wanted me to be 100% absolutely certain that all the prawns were exactly the weight that was listed in the menu by weighing them all before service. We’re talking precisely 270 (TWO HUNDRED AND SEVENTY) individual prawns.

4. Extreme... Meticulousness (We really just mean excessive)

14 (FOUR-TEEN!) revisions on menu. They were all put on trial for k e r n i n g.

5. Size Matters

One time a client made me measure EACH abalone with a ruler and take pics to make sure they were not small. “(It) can be oversized but not undersized,” was the brief.

6. Dealing with Loggorhea

Trying to include a billion speeches and entertainment in two (2) hours was an attempt at the IMPOSSIBLE. Due to a shortage of time, some entertainers could not perform, the food turned cold because only Lord knows Uncle Chan could not shut up AND let’s not even get started on the drunk cousins … The family even asked for a refund for the catering as the food was cold. B**** please!

7. Finally ...

A hung over groomsman had misplaced his suit. A hunt for the suit began from the laundry mat, to the hotel receptionists to every other place you can think of. No prizes for guessing where it was: in the bride’s holding room closet.

P.S. If by any chance, you happen to notice a striking parallel between the above-listed scenarios and your wedding day — thank you for the business!

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