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Wedding Shopping

From stationery ideas to hangover kits, we have compiled a list of items that you might find useful!


Stationery no planner should be without.

Your stationery item list is here.


Embarrassing, or not,
no one likes a wardrobe malfunction.

Your must-have ‘save-the-day’ items are

all here. 


Everything you’ll want to have in the Hangover Kit.

Hangover kit essentials that’ll save your wedding party the next morning.


Gift Ideas For Your Newly Acquired Soon-to-be-Married Couple

8-12 months is usually the time you spend with your newly acquired couple -> friends.   From our experience, setting the tone right

at the beginning of the working professional relationship for how you want the next year

to go is crucial. So here’s a little suggestion for all your wedding planner extraordinaire.


First-aid kits:
Stock supplies that
can save lives.

A basic first aid kit checklist.


To make something broken, worn, torn, or otherwise damaged whole again.

You name it, we have it here.


Things to pad out
that yummy welcome bag.

Whether its an Asian or Spanish wedding,

we have you covered.


Essential event photography equipment.

Instant & Disposable Cameras, it’s all here.

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