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Angie &

AEC wasn't our first choice in the beginning but we had to work with a local vendor due to covid. Despite all of the troubles, it was a blessing in disguise.


If we’ve met or known AEC earlier, they would be our first and only choice. They took over the planning, well partly, but they were very detailed and hands-on, so it felt like the team has been with us from the beginning.


Most importantly, they don’t just tell you the problems, but they always come with the solution as well and during those hectic days, that’s all a bride needs. Our wedding was magical, intimate, it was everything. Artika was not just our wedding planner, she was a good adviser, listener, and of course, a friend. We could joke around together which made the journey pleasant and the problems bearable.

If we could redo our wedding, we would pick AEC again and again. Choose AEC and let them handle you, your family, and of course your wedding! 

Febyan Anggie WD Bali Edit-630.jpg
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"We had an amazing wedding in Bali and it wouldn't have happened without Tika. It is not often you find someone you can work with who will have so much attention to detail. She just gets what we want, and I think that's very important when you're stressed out about the other aspects of having wedding. She really took the stress away and we felt that we could leave it to her and it will be all okay. Thank you again Tika."


"I didn't use pinterest or read any blogs because

I had a wonderful wedding planner who went well beyond her duties and who had lots of great ideas." 

Jacy & Rebecca

"Amazing Amazing Amazing! Artika lived and breathed our wedding from the day we first sat down with her. We both have time-consuming jobs, therefore we knew we had to have someone who was organized, efficient, experienced, and patient. Artika was all of the above and more!"


We were very pleased with Artika's support on our wedding! We had our wedding in Japan, in a city not as well known, where my father works and since we had guests from Japan as well as different parts of the world, it was important for us to incorporate Japanese traditions with western elements so that both sides of families and guests could experience something new...

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