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Saranta & Lorenzo

Location: Singapore

Though Saranta and Lorenzo’s wedding was one of the

biggest challenges as well as one of the biggest productions

we have ever done, it was also one of the most rewarding as it had so much heart, not just grandeur. 


We were presented with a beautiful colonial black and white residential house in Singapore, not equipped for events. The Bride, Saranta, wanted to have a Secret Garden feel to her wedding, while her Mother, Nantha, wanted to keep things traditional. Meanwhile, the Groom, Lorenzo’s only wish was to make Saranta happy!

To bring different visions to life, we created a Secret Garden traditional Indian ceremony in the morning and made way for

a more raw industrial look to the place at night.


With two caterers only providing food and nothing else,

we constructed a platform on a hill, sourced for cutleries, custom plates, bamboo serving ware, decorations, everything! 

Meanwhile, we didn’t forget about Lorenzo, who is a community event designer.


The evening event was designed with Lorenzo in mind, where we had a private, Chef Eng Su Lee, who built a giant pit for a whole pig and lamb roasted alongside fresh lobsters and crab – This pit really brought people together!  It was an amazing opportunity to be able to showcase something so different in the Singapore wedding scene.

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