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7 Most Out-Of-The-World Wedding Stationery

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Although the trend in recent years has been for couples to build customised wedding invitation sites, the romantic art of wedding invitations is not all lost. For the traditional lovebirds, wedding invitations makes a significant part of the trajectory –– meeting up with long-lost friends over a cup of coffee, catching up to speed with each others’lives, before finally sliding a crisp envelope across the table (an affirmation of the friendship!).

That being said, to some couples, the look and feel of the wedding stationery is of utmost importance. “We want something that’s never been done before, something that’s out of the world. Surprise us,” they might say to you.

Fret not, here are seven royalty-worthy and downright jaw-dropping beautiful wedding stationery:

1. The Handmade's Tale

There’s no reason to say no to Veronica Halim, the famed calligrapher and author of “Calligraphy Styling” who is very much an influencer in her own right (with 32.5k followers on Instagram @truffypi). When it comes to Veronica, every element from paper to ink has to be handmade,hand-sourced, and hand-sketched. She, however, has a very distinct sense of artistic style to her wedding stationery –– deconstructed, rustic, romantic, regal, and altogether refined -– that will instantly bring your wedding to a grand new level. As the old cliché has it, the devil is in the details.

Check out Veronica Halim here.

2. The Map of the Oceans

Now, we were blown away when this mixed-medium wedding invitation popped up on our Instagram feed. Designed for a wedding in the idyllic island of Ischia in Italy, (planned by Annie Lee, founder of Daughter of Design) the invite features a circular cut-out in the middle, set in clear glass with the couples’ last name emblazoned across it –– albeit very subtly in crisp, white fonts. “We wanted to create movement and interaction with this piece being that guests would spend much of their time on a yacht. We brought a bit of the ocean into the invite,” the US-based design house, TPD, explained their work of art.

Visit TPD Design House here.

3. The Wandering Forest

This is, perhaps, a wedding stationery set that will blow away the whimsical, nature-loving soul. Created by the Portland-based Amanda Franz, the creative behind Wide Eyes Paper Co, this surprisingly simple yet elegant story-book style wedding invitation comes in a four-piece set: a bi-fold itinerary of the wedding weekend, an RSVP insert, a map of the wedding grounds, all set in a fully-lined nostalgic parcel envelope. And yes, every part of this comes (custom!) illustrated by the Wide Eyes team. If one could sum up the phrase “intimate wedding” in an envelope, it’s definitely this. Prices start at US$800.

Visit Wide Eyes Paper Co here.

4. The Royal Laser-Cut

This regal one’s by the UK-based Intricate Creations, a design house producing fully-bespoke wedding stationery sets that are elaborate laser-cut masterpieces. And this Blenheim Box, –– inspired by the Blenheim Palace located in Oxford (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site) –– quite literally redefined what wedding invitations could be. It’s a 3D invite: the black and white winter snow-scape of the palace’s architecture was set in a box that’s fully lined with marble paper. Well, it’s very befitting of a royal-esque wedding set to take place in England’s sole non-royal palace.

Visit Intricate Creations here.

5. The First-Class Ticket

At first sight, this bifold wedding invite piques your interest and raises questions: “Is this a garden wedding? Why is there a vintage world atlas imprinted in the background?” Yet, when you flick it open, it all makes sense. A first class “air ticket” sits in the bi-fold envelope that resembles the air ticket folders issued at airport check-in counters. Produced by the Singaporean-based printers, Papypress, this is an invite worthy of a gasp.

Check out Papypress here.

6. The Bind

Designed by the Austria-based design firm, DMIA (acronyms for Design Made In Austria, this is no normal wedding stationery –– it’s literally a bound book stowed in a handsome custom sleeve. Made for two pharmacists, this thin book includes all the information that’s conventionally jam-packed into small invitations, albeit this one’s as magazine-worthy as Kinfolk. Every page is accompanied by a delicate linework illustration and to keep things intimate, the back cover of the book spells, “I love you to the moon and back” –– what the groom said when he proposed. Tear jerking? We know.

Visit DMIA here.

7. The Frozen Flower

This one is for the dark, romantic, and stylish couple. Put together by The Blooming Days, a Surabaya-based wedding invitations studio, this invitation suite comes with illustrations of immortalised blooming Augusta tulips and calligraphy by Veronica Halim (see the top of this article) on the invite –– all of which was carefully wax-sealed and wrapped in vellum paper. Accompanying the physical invite is a candle, a bottle of room fragrance, and reed diffusers –– all placed in a luxurious, dark navy box. We’d love to receive an invite like this, too. You’re welcome.

‍Check out The Blooming Days here.

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