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6 Private Islands to Get Married At

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Photo Credit: Pulau Pangkil Private Island

“I want a very private and intimate wedding for my closest friends and family.”

‍We’ll bet you hear that more often than you’d like from your clients – especially in the Southeast Asian market. Bucking wedding norms, couples are moving away from traditional weddings and settling for tying the knot privately on an island of their dreams. Worried about finding such a venue?

‍Here’s the good news – there are a number of accessible private resort islands in the region catering for exclusive weddings. So let’s dive straight in, shall we?

Located 85 km from Singapore, this is a 15-hectare (or 15 football fields) privately-owned island. Getting there is a three-part adventure: an hour’s leisurely ferry ride from Singapore to Bintan, a one-hour car ride to a local ferry terminal, and finally a 20-minute private ferry ride to Nikoi Island. When you arrive and sink your feet into the white sandy beaches, your guests will realise that the breathtaking, untouched, and pristine nature before them was worth every bit of the journey. 

The traditional Indonesian beach villas come in various room configurations, specially catered for the wedding guests. Worried about FOMO while you’re there? The villas all come with free 24 hour WiFi and no power outages are guaranteed. 

Another amazing Indonesian island, Pulau Joyo (or island Joyo) sits just 20 minutes off the southeast coast of the island of Bintan. Travel from Singapore is by ferry, car, and speedboat. Nestled on the island are four beach villas (one king-sized bed with private terraces and living areas), two beachfront villas with ensuite, and two smaller poolside villas. 

Pulau Joyo offers perks galore! Guests can access free snorkelling gear to explore the coral reefs, go fishing, indulge in relaxing massages and don’t forget the all-important nannies. Now that’s our kind of beach wedding!

P.S. Piece of advice from the island, “shoes are not practical for the soft sandy beaches.” So make sure everyone takes note and packs their sandals! 

This might be our top pick amongst all the islands. The days here will be filled with beautiful landscapes and fun activities. The highlights include a sky full of stars, dolphin sightings, yoga classes, sailing, kayaking, island excursions, hammocks, paddleboards and fireworks. 

Sound systems flank the 10 villas scattered on the island so there’s no reason not to run a wedding-turned-music-festival programme. (Think about it – your very own Coachella!) Without a complaining neighbour insight, you can pump up the volume. Located only 95 kilometres away from Singapore off Bintan’s south-east coast, this island sure is a hidden gem.

Looking for that unique overwater wedding that won’t make your wallet wince? Imagine an idyllic island off the Cambodia Koh Rong Archipelago that boasts sustainable ethical luxury within its carefree paradise. With gorgeous villas fanning out into emerald seas, your guests will enjoy a deep connection with the environment and bask in the serenity surrounding them. 

Residences include one or two-bedded jungle villas (with or without private terraces), overwater villas (one or two beds), or an extensive two-bedroom overwater villa complete with living areas and terrace. There are multiple wedding locations to choose from and the island’s dedicated wedding team will work alongside you.

The incredible Aman group never fails to impress. This private island paradise might feel worlds away, but it is located on the far northwest of Ilo Ilo, Philippines. The only way to get there is via twice-daily, 15-seater private flight from Manila airport. The idyllic Amanpulo resort occupies the entire island, creating a private wedding experience unlike any other.

From a lush garden to the pristine white beaches, intimate pavilions and a grand poolside wedding reception, Aman has it all. While there is a wedding team to attend to your needs, there are, however, restrictions on aerial photography and videography. Planners, do watch out for that. 

Not an exclusive private island on its own, The Nay Palad Hideaway is still considered the birthplace of barefoot luxury. Located on the far east of Cebu, Philippines, the resort has 10 stunning villas nestled between ancient mangrove forests and the soft white sands of Siargao Island.

Pale blue horizons, lush tropical greeneries, and absolute luxurious facilities aside, the greatest draw is the villas’ all-inclusive package. Take note: “you never need a wallet … no checks are signed here.” All dining expenses and adventures are included in the accommodation prices you’ve paid. 

Guests are free to enjoy surfing, snorkelling, diving, volleyball, island hopping, land tours, and there’s an entire kids village – the list goes on. It’s perfect for an idyllic, relaxed, yet intimate wedding getaway from the city chaos.

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