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11 Perfect Walk-in Ceremony Music for Different Types of Couples

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

Everyone dreams of that perfect romantic moment when the bride walks down the aisle amidst the cocked heads of dozens of fawning relatives, while some of the clever ones spy a glance backwards at the waiting groom as he fights back a manly tear.

This is the moment. It should be perfect.

After all the clueless flower girls are done, having scattered just 5% of the petals that they should have dispersed (it is hard to practice that one, admittedly) and the unpredictable ring bearing toddler boy has meandered his way down and, thank the lord, arrived at his allocated seat without soiling his nappy.

The bridesmaids have dazzled us with a wide spectrum of body types and amazingly varied walk-in speeds, but whether they were Usain Bolt, or Walking Dead Extra Number 3, they are now standing where they should be.

It’s time for the bride. But you need the perfect walk-in music. Something that will suit the ambience and the personality of the bridal couple…

The Traditional

1. Pachelbel’s Canonin D is the blueprint standard for classy weddings and while it is overused to death, you cannot go wrong with a stylish version like this.

2. If you want to keep it orchestral but chose a tune that is less well known, I’ve always liked Cavatina – it makes me think of strolling past Italian vineyards with the warm Tuscan wind in your hair.

3. Another romantic piece is O Mio Babbino Caro by Puccini, although I would recommend not using aversion with the operatic vocals, as that would overpower the moment.

The Modern Couple

4. Most years the popcharts will throw up a surefire “wedding” song, and if it was 1995 and we were making mix CDs for our secondary school crush, this song would surely be track Number 1.

From recent years I would suggest Perfect by Ed Sheeran, but you can show your congregation you are not completely mainstream and predictable by choosing the version with Andrea Bocelli.

5. Calum Scott is another English singer who gave us a winning anthem for the die hard romantics, You Are The Reason.

6. And if you want a pop ballad with a hint of emo darkness there’s no shame in re-visiting the Twilight craze with Christina Perri’s A Thousand Years.

The Ethnic Couple

7. If you want to bring a dash colour into the proceedings, perhaps because of who you are, or where the ceremony is happening, I think one “urban” track which can fit well is No One by Alicia Keys.

8. If you are all about that hippy free spirit vibe, or your wedding is on a beach, please don’t hesitate to chill out with One Love by Bob Marley.

9. And if you are mad for that Crazy Rich Asian lifestyle, you could directly copy the movie and use one of the songs off the soundtrack. Try the Chinese version of Coldplay’s Yellow. I’m not even joking. The Asian blockbuster deliberately chose this song. It’s like reclaiming a word to empower it, that kinda thing.

The Lazy Couple

If you do not have the time to spend hours poring over your Spotify playlists looking for the ideal walk-in song, here are 2 crowd pleasers for anywhere in the world.

10. What A Wonderful World. Every human’s heart lights up when the strings start and Louis Armstrong’s smiling voice shines into their soul.

However, for a different spin you could find a more stripped down version, like this one by Thomas Law.

11. Can’t Help Falling In Love. There are approximately one million cover versions of this but I would generally select the 1969 Elvis hit which brought it into the public consciousness.

A more modern selection would be the smooth jazzy version by Haley Reinhart.

The ultimate would be to have a musician play it live on a ukelele while singing. Just like this performance by the group Twenty One Pilots.

For an extra amazing moment you could secretly rehearse and have the congregation sing in on the chorus lines, to take the bride by surprise! What a moment that would be.

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