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Artika Events & Celebrations was founded in 2010 with a clear mission – to make people cry…cry tears of joy that is. We believe that creating a successful event starts with understanding your client and creating an experience for their guests that will last a lifetime.


We like to think of it as creating that perfect tonic for everyone to taste, so they can all experience the same thing and make memories.

We make 
people cry ...          
   ...Tears of Joy



We believe in authenticity and staying true to oneself. Creating a customised event is not astrophysics, however there is a method to the madness. With every element carefully curated like a shaman mixing a potion to induce happiness one drop at a time, this means that every event is unique, no copy and paste, no package deals.


"AEC wasn't our first choice in the beginning but we had to work with a local vendor due to covid. But despite all of the troubles, this was a blessing in disguise. If we’ve met or known AEC earlier, they would be our first and only choice.

They took over the planning, well partly, but they were very detail and hands on, so it felt like the team has been with us from the beginning. Most importantly, they don’t just tell you the problems, but they always come with the solution as well and during those hectic days, that’s all brides needs.

The wedding was magical, intimate, it was everything...

Febyan Anggie WD Bali Edit-712.jpg

- Angie & Febyan

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