Rise of The Planet of The Israelis

My love for Zuhair Murad started when Serena... Wore that iconic dress to the Met Gala.  Yes we are on first names basis, and please, don't even pretend like you don't know who I'm talking about Vanderwoodsen. I can see the remnants of your old Chase Crawford screen saver burning through your current; "Oh-I'm-So-Adult-Now" landscape picture of some temples in Burma.

Image source: www.jesselynch.com

Image source: www.jesselynch.com

Anyway, I digress, back to Zuhair.  We were invited for the preview of his Spring Bridal 2017 collection some time ago by the go-to Bridal house Belle and Tulle. When I say some time ago I really a good amount of time ago, but in my defense we've been busy - you know making bride's dreams come true... 

His collection is what I would think it would be like if I were to eat that Limitless pill and use 120 percent of my brain capacity to weave micro beads into the most intricate lace. After all, I do have small fingers. Ok, maybe not I personally, because I don't think any human can create this kind of intricate and beautiful craftsmanship. I am convinced he has some kind of workshop filled with elves. He is basically Couture Santa. 

That's it. You've made it to the end of my rambling.  Here it is, what you are here for, to see what Santa's workshop has been up to. 

My Top Picks:

Image source:  www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source: www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source:  www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source: www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source:  www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source: www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source:  www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source: www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source:  www.zuhairmurad.com

Image source: www.zuhairmurad.com

For more of stunning pieces go to www.zuhairmurad.com | Stockist in Singapore: www.belleandtulle.com

So He Put a Ring On It: 9 Tips On How To Start Planning Your Big Day

PANIC MODE! Months of subtly giving hints and leaving your Pinterest ring album open on your laptop is OVER! What do you do first? EVERYTHING!


Image source: www.prima.co.uk  
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Image source: www.prima.co.uk

Calm down, enjoy your victory, spend some time celebrating with all your loved ones and cherish this twilight moment before the full moon arrives and you become Bridezilla.

Once you have filled up the love tank of your fiancé and his friends and family, and they are now convinced you are not bat-shit crazy, you can slowly unleash the beast within. First on your own.

1.    Seek Inspiration

Create a Pinterest album of all the things that you love. Flowers, decorations, colour options. Do this for a month. 

2.    Envision The Wedding

In your second month, start talking to your fiancé and family about the kind of wedding you envision. BE FLEXIBLE. Make a list of things from the most important to the least important ‘must-haves’ at your wedding.

3.    Budget

Start realistically discussing how much you CAN spend. Not how much you WANT to, how much you CAN. Not everybody’s got the dough like Kim and Kanye.

4.    Make A Guest List

Don’t forget to ask your parents and in-laws to make one too. Discuss with them your projected budget to help gauge the total number of pax.

5.    Hire A Wedding Planner

And make sure it’s someone you connect with. After all, the wedding planner is going to be the one hysterically shouting to all your vendors, “No! Stacy said CHERISE, not pink!”

6.    Location

Find a location that suits your budget and priorities. And yes, the world is your oyster, but if you’re going to take forever with deciding your location everything else is just going to take that much longer. So, lock it down.

7.    Availability and Booking

Once you find the right location, you will know of their availability and you can now SET A DATE. 


Now that you know the location, time of year, and roughly the feel of your wedding, you can start bridal dress hunting. Honestly, getting the perfect dress is a feat in itself, but we got you covered. Check out these tips on how to find the perfect wedding dress.

9.    Sending The Invites

For destination weddings, we suggest sending a ‘save-the-date’ 9 months before the wedding, and a formal invitation 6 months before the wedding.

For a local wedding, send a ‘save-the-date’ 6 months before the wedding, and invitation no less than 3 months before the wedding.

See, there’s no need to go all she-wolf or banshee about your wedding. Take it a step at a time and everything will be just fine.